Charging the cat

The eyes are green. It’s charged. Please unplug your cat.

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or does it?all this circling around inside the darkened rooms inside those dreams of ours that never get used

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Mythology Meme ➝ 9 Greek Gods/Goddesses
↳  Persephone, part one: Queen of the Underworld.
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"He has a face that projects a very distinct dark side," says Captain America director Joe Johnston, who adds, “He reminds me of a young Brando in the way he moves—very graceful, in a masculine way.”

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ok as much as otps are great can we just take a moment to appreciate brotps because just think about it. you’re just saying “wow i really love their friendship and the fact that they are friends and i think those two folks being friends is just great”



I’m startingimage

to see


a pattern




The Hero and the Ginger

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Ideal boyfriend:

  • is engaging for 20 hours +
  • always keeps my on the edge of my seat
  • makes me question things
  • is my favorite ever
  • Is not a person
  • Is the hit tv show orphan black
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the oteep → 30 of the classic, cheesy, cliché songs you have definitely associated with one of your otps at least once, you loser

01. IRIS the goo goo dolls // 02. FIX YOU coldplay // 03. SHATTERED trading yesterday // 04. I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK death cab for cutie // 05. YOU FOUND ME the fray // 06. KING AND LIONHEART of monsters and men // 07. WONDERWALL oasis // 08. AT THE BEGINNING (FROM ANASTASIArichard marx & donna lewis // 09. METEOR SHOWER owl city // 10. THE SCIENTIST coldplay // 11. KISS ME SLOWLY parachute // 12. BOATS AND BIRDS gregory and the hawk // 13. SOMETHING ABOUT US daft punk // 14. LITTLE LION MAN mumford & sons // 15. SHIPS IN THE NIGHT mat kearney // 16. STOLEN dashboard confessional // 17. YELLOW coldplay // 18. BREAKEVEN (FALLING TO PIECES) the script // 19. USE SOMEBODY kings of leon // 20. CHASING CARS snow patrol // 21. HO HEY the lumineers // 22. YOU & ME lifehouse // 23. FIRST TIME lifehouse // 24. ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE counting crows // 25. WORLD SPINS MADLY ON the weepies // 26. SKINNY LOVE bon iver // 27. SAMSON regina spektor // 28. YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL red jumpsuit apparatus // 29. SECRETS onerepublic // 30. A THOUSAND YEARS christina perri


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I'm sick, Delphine

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«He was a marvel, shaft after shaft flying from him, spears that he wrenched easily from broken bodies on the ground to toss at new targets. Again and again I saw his wrist twist, exposing its pale underside, those flute-like bones thrusting elegantly forward. My spear sagged forgotten to the ground as I watched. I could not even see the ugliness of the deaths anymore, the brains, the shattered bones that later I would wash from my skin and hair. All I saw was his beauty, his singing limbs, the quick flickering of his feet.»

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